White Hat SEO

From our inception, Stone Temple Consulting has been fully committed to following white hat SEO techniques. This means that:

  • We do not do anything that would ever violate a search engine’s webmaster guidelines
  • We will never do anything to put your website or your business at risk

Contact Us ButtonBack in 2008 our CEO Eric Enge famously wrote an article “I Don’t Buy Links“. At the time he was accused of “bringing a knife to a gun fight”. Many years and many Penguin releases later, the wisdom of his words is evident (as Eric likes to say – he brought a heck of a knife to the fight).

We take our commitment to white hat SEO very seriously. If a client we work with insists on utilizing gray hat or black hat techniques against our recommendations we will sever the relationship with that client (as we like to say – we will fire our own client). We not only completely adhere to white hat techniques, we do not in any way want to be associated with techniques that are not white hat.

This philosophy carries through to how we work to enhance the backlink profiles of our clients. We do not do “link building” – we do content marketing to help build their brand. We develop strategies to place high quality and highly relevant content on high value sites that will naturally drive links and social mentions. No manipulative practices; no fancy or sculpted link anchor text – simply great, quality content that naturally attracts links and social currency.

Complete Transparency

Not only do we adhere to white hat methodologies, we are also completely transparent with our clients. At Stone Temple Consulting there are no “proprietary methodologies” or “secret sauce”. We are always very open with our clients about what we are doing, and why we are doing it. We will always explain why we are recommending something, and why it is important. You will always know exactly what we are doing on your behalf. Explanations can be done at any level, or as many levels as you choose. We can speak to the CEO, or the lead developer, and tailor our explanations to meet their needs.

In addition, we are completely forthright in our communication. We will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. We feel that is our responsibility to provide you with the best recommendations and advice possible, even when those recommendations and advice may not be easy to hear. We understand that business needs may override our recommendations, but feel that you should have the best information available so that you may be able to weigh the tradeoffs and understand the ramifications of your decisions.

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