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Picture of a Graph Showhing SEO Traffic Loss and RecoveryStone Temple Consulting has helped a number of clients recover from search penalty situations. These penalties severely limited the traffic to the clients’ sites, hurting their businesses. Our penalty recovery experts were able to help get them restored, with valuable search traffic flowing in once again.

Here is the process we follow to eliminate guessing games and provide your site with the best possible chance of getting your search traffic restored:

Diagnosing the Penalty

The first step in any penalty recovery engagement is diagnosing the problem – STC needs to determine the type of penalty impacting a web site – manual penalty, Panda Penalty, or Penguin Penalty.

Manual penalties are typically the easiest to diagnose as a web site owner learns of them by receiving a Manual Action notification in Google Webmaster Tools (under Search Traffic, Manual Actions). Panda and Penguin penalties can be harder to diagnose. Penguin penalties tend to be characterized by a precipitous drop in organic search traffic over a very short period of time. Panda penalties also display a drop in traffic, but they may become evident as a decline in traffic over a longer period of time. Of course Panda and Penguin penalties can be easier to diagnose if the traffic drop corresponds to a known major Panda or Penguin update.

Penalty Remediation Plan

After Stone Temple diagnoses the type of penalty afflicting a web site, we develop a comprehensive remediation plan. The remediation plan outlines the steps that we feel must be taken to remove the penalty impacting the web site. Remediation may include removal and / or disavowal of backlinks, or major changes to web site content including adding content, removing content, and / or no indexing content.

Stone Temple Consulting has an excellent track record of diagnosing penalty situations and developing remediation plans that lead to recovery of your SEO traffic. If you suspect that a penalty is negatively impacting your organic search traffic let Stone Temple diagnose the problem and get your web site on the road to recovery.

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