Social Media Services

Social media is an integral part of any Content Marketing campaign. When your social media and article content are in alignment, powerful synergies emerge. Your social media team will eagerly await your next blog post because sharing it will help them drive more followers and engagement with your brand.

Your content team will be excited by the engagement with the post driven by traffic from social media platforms. And, from an SEO perspective, all of this activity will also drive links, and SEO value, to your post as well. In addition, connecting on social media with influencers and building relationships with them can act as a great accelerant.

Graphic showing the synergy between social media and obtaining links.

In addition, social media exposes you to other people’s audiences. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram have hundreds of millions of active participants, and implementing the right strategies can get you exposure to large numbers of people on these platforms.

With a successful social media strategy, you can gain exposure to these audiences, and start to make some of them your own.


STC can help setup and drive your social media strategy. Our social media services include:

  1. Defining a winning social media strategy
  2. Identifying the platforms that will work best for you
  3. Identifying key influencers and building relationships with them on your behalf
  4. Identifying key community opportunities that will accelerate growth
  5. Creating a posting strategy across all active platforms
  6. Active monitoring of all campaigns
  7. Ongoing optimization of campaign strategies to drive results

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