SEO Advisory Service

Your website is a key component of your digital marketing presence, but how do you know that you are doing everything correctly from an SEO standpoint? How do you answer the many questions that arise day-to-day, such as:

  • Contact Us ButtonHow will these changes to my site impact traffic?
  • Site traffic is down, should I be worried?
  • What do the latest Google Algorithm changes mean?
  • Will adding this content to my site help or hurt?
  • Should I syndicate my content?
  • Do I accept guest posts on my blog?

If all you are looking for is a couple of hours of expert SEO advice a week this is the service for you. If you feel that you need an in-depth evaluation of your website then you may want to look at our on-page SEO audit service.

Your Own On-Call SEO Advisor

Stop making key SEO decisions about your site in the dark. With Stone Temple’s SEO Advisory Service, you can easily add an SEO expert to your digital marketing team. You will get access to one of our experienced Senior Marketing Consultants (SMC) who can answer these type of questions and more.

What You Get with SEO Advisory Services

With our SEO Advisory Services you get up to 8 hours of a Senior Marketing Consultant’s time per month which can include:

  • A regularly scheduled call where you can ask questions, discuss issues, and get updates on the latest developments in the land of SEO and digital marketing
  • Updates and interpretation of new Google algorithm updates
  • Monitoring of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Ad-hoc phone and e-mail access to your SMC

Stop guessing about SEO and get help from an expert. Let us help you take your digital marketing to the next level.

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