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– We have built a model of how Panda works
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Case Study: A Publisher Website hit by Panda

rise and fall

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Typical Panda Factors

Pages perceived as doorway pages – do your pages offer a buy now or leave experience?
Excessive ad placements – way too much add density above the fold?
Poor content fit to site – a money oriented section that is not a good fit to the rest of the site content?
Reused content – e.g. manufacturers descriptions and reviews that are published lots of other places?
Pages of Curated Links – Simple content curation looks to Google like “search within search” and they don’t like it
Sameness of Content – Google wants diversity in their results because their users want diversity


**Sameness: (in reference to site content)
1. The quality or condition of being the same.
2. A failure to introduce new information; lacking in depth; monotony.
3. Not to be confused with duplicate content – just nothing new here.


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