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If you are not getting your local SEO strategy right, your competitors are taking your money to the bank. Local SEO is critically important to any business that sells products and services through specific geographic locations – think of it as the digital age’s equivalent of having a good phone book entry. The success of your business depends on people being able to easily find accurate location information about you online. That’s where Local SEO can help.

Contact Us ButtonLocal SEO is made up of many different elements, including:

  • How your locations are presented on your website
  • How your locations are tagged using schema.org markup
  • How well you manage the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of listings in other sites such as Google My Business and others

Stone Temple’s Local SEO services can help you turn local into a money-making machine.

Locations on Your Website

It starts by making sure that your locations are presented properly on your own website. You need to have a consistent way of representing name, address, and phone (NAP) information on your own site, that will be used as a model for how NAP information will need to be presented on external sites. In addition, care must be taken that location pages are not thin on content or highly duplicative of each other.

Location Markup

Once you have the location page set up properly, you need to make sure that you use schema.org markup to tag the page properly to make it easier for search engines to understand key details about your location. This may also impact how your location page will show up in the search results.

Local Listing Accuracy, Completeness, and Consistency

The final critical component of Local SEO is making sure that your data comes up accurately and consistently in third party local directories such as CitySearch, Foursquare, Google My Business, YellowPages.com, and many others. It is equally important that all of the “right” information is presented — the information that consumers are most likely to want to see. Beyond NAP information, this can include hours of operation, ratings and reviews, product or service information, and much more. STC can help you come up with a simple, affordable strategy for maintaining the consistency, completeness, and accuracy of your local listing information that will give consumers what they’re looking for.

Let Us Help You with Local SEO

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