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Hardcore SEO features some of Stone Temple’s best and brightest marketing consultants, shedding light on their topic of expertise. Sometimes it’s technical SEO, other times it’s PR outreach, but it’s always fun and
resourceful. You can catch a brand new episode of Hardcore SEO every month here or directly on Our YouTube Page

Check out our latest video with Senior Marketing Consultant Laura Ackerman as she outlines the best ways to create truly resonationg content.

Past Shows

Date Video & Topic
5.11.2015 Creating Resonating Content
Laura Ackerman discusses her tried and true methods of coming up with fresh content ideas for campaigns. Whenever you start out looking to create something new, try to ask yourself the question “what question isn’t being answered by the industry today?”
3.16.2015 Customizing Content Pitches
In this episode of Hardcore SEO, Stone Temple Consulting’s Senior Marketing Consultant Doug Haslam outlines the best tactics and approaches for sending custom content pitches. In a few words: Be brief, be brilliant, and be gone!
1.19.2015 Brainstorming for Content Marketing
Stone Temple Consulting CEO Eric Enge and Senior Marketing Consultant Kristina Ferrari-Barrett discuss the best ways to yield tons of great content marketing ideas during team brainstorms.
10.22.2014 Panda Blues Got You Down? Here is What to Do!
Stone Temple Consulting Senior Marketing Consultant Andrea Shoemaker and CEO Eric Enge dive into the do’s and dont’s of Panda Recovery. Step 1, MAKE SURE IT’S PANDA that you have been hit by. Step 2, watch this video.
9.22.2014 Will My Widget Link Building Be the Death of Me?
Stone Temple Consulting Senior Marketing Consultant Rob Pirozzi on link building with widgets. Are they dangerous from a Google standpoint? Watch and find out!
8.30.2014 Help! My Site Is Losing Traffic!
Stone Temple Consulting Senior Marketing Consultant Brian Weis explains what you should do if you see a sudden loss of traffic to your website. He gives you a series of practical steps you can take to isolate the probable cause of the traffic reduction so you know what actions you need to take, if any.