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More and more smart businesses are realizing that they ignore Google+ to their peril. Knowing the importance of search to getting found by the right people at the right time, it only makes sense to connect with the social network that is now integrated into all-things Google.

But getting traction on Google+ isn’t easy for most businesses. That’s where Stone Temple Consulting’s leading edge experience in that network can become your competitive advantage. In fact, STC is your market leader for building a presence on Google+:

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More important, we have intensive experience and testing data on what actually works on Google+ to build influence that extends far beyond the social network itself. That experience goes back to the very first days of Google+. Others talk about Google+. We’ve actually made it work.

Google Plus and Content marketing

Let us help you build an effective Google+ strategy that will put your business ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition!

STC Google+ Services

• Profile/Page Setup & Optimization. We will assist you in setting up company pages and/or personal profiles (for your key influencers) that are optimized to be easily found in search and to work with Google’s semantic search capabilities to enhance your topical authority over time.

• Google+ Content Strategy. We will work with you in formulating a content strategy for posting and curating content that performs on Google+ based on our extensive testing and experience.

• Google+ Influence Building. Notice we don’t say “follower building” here. Anyone can get you followers. Our proven strategies get you what is far more important: influence and reach.

• Google Authorship Strategy. We will consult with you on combining your content with the Google+ authority of your primary authors to build their authority in Google Search.

• Google+ Analytics. Using sophisticated tools we will provide you with detailed reports and analysis on your effectiveness on Google+. This is information you can’t gain currently from Google+ itself.

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