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Success by Design

Content marketing is a hot topic, but you need to do more than spew content all over the place. At STC we use a process we call “Success by Design” that uses technical analysis to determine what types of placements and content will get you the best results. We start with a technical analysis of many factors:

Technical Analysis

Our analysis includes many components, which includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Your Moz Domain Authority
  2. Moz Domain Authority of your competition
  3. The specific links that drive the most traffic and the best SEO results


We look at these factors and much more to make sure that our campaigns are designed to be on target. This is just the first part of the content marketing planning process. Next up is a detailed editorial analysis:

Editorial Analysis

The best content marketing campaigns focus on building relationships with brands, influencers, and web publishers, that reach your target market. This will bring you valuable direct traffic and drive the best SEO results at the same time. It starts with building a map of the personas for your potential buyers. Once this is done the targets for building those relationships can be put together.


At STC, we use a disciplined plan to drive Success by Design. Then we help execute the plan for you. We can drive the entire process of building the relationships, defining the content required, creating and executing an editorial schedule and more.

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