Background of STC

Originally founded as a small consultancy in 1997 by Eric Enge – a top SEO practitioner and co-author of the book The Art of SEO – Stone Temple Consulting has since expanded into an acclaimed full-service digital marketing agency providing a broad range of white hat SEO and digital marketing services, including:


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  • Content Marketing – STC’s content marketing services have an admirable track record of helping clients to significantly increase their organic search traffic while at the same time enhancing their brand and reputation. It is common for our customers to see organic search increases of 20% or more.
  • SEO Services – STC’s on-page SEO services range from comprehensive SEO audits to SEO Advisory Services. On-Page SEO services can assure you that your site is optimally tuned to attract organic search traffic, and Advisory Services give you access to on-going expert SEO advice. STC even does due-diligence audits for companies acquiring websites!
  • Penalty Recovery – STC has a near perfect record of helping web sites recovery from penalties that are negatively impacting their SEO traffic. Regardless of whether it is a manual, Panda, or Penguin penalty, STC can quickly get your web site back on the road to recovery.
  • Social Media Marketing – From building a social media marketing strategy to running social media advertising campaigns, STC’s Social Media Marketing Services will help to drive your brand to new heights, while driving leads through your door.

Today, we’re proud to serve an impressive roster of clients ranging from small startups to major marquee brands, including numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Our Goal: Help to drive the growth of your business and leave your competition in the dust.

That’s a bold promise, we know. And we don’t make such a strong commitment to client success lightly. We have years of proven results under our belts, which we’ve accomplished through a unique combination of technical SEO analysis using our own proprietary software, data-driven digital marketing research, creative content marketing and social media strategies.

Stone Temple Consulting is headquartered in the greater Boston area, with employees located across the US.

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