About Eric Enge

Eric Enge has been working in the industry for more than 30 years. Eric has been an entrepreneur for most of his career. This page will tell you a little bit about him.

Eric's quote about passion


Eric is well known for his writing in many places, and as result Eric was named the 24th most influential person on the topic of content marketing. The Stone Temple Interview series is highly acclaimed for its interviews with top search engine employees, such as Google’s Matt Cutts, and other industry luminaries. Well known 3rd party sites where Eric writes include:


Talk Show Host

Eric is the host of The Digital Marketing Excellence Show, as weekly Google Plus Hangout on Air event (a live broadcast) that takes place every Thursday. Here is one that he did with Rand Fishkin on July 10th, 2014:


Eric speaks at a host of events across the continent, including the major search conferences.


Insight Into What is Coming in Online Marketing

Eric’s access to industry leaders, including key search engine employees, provides STC with insight into the direction of search, enabling us to offer our clients advice on how to build their strategy for the long term. Some landmark articles by Eric include:


Some of Eric’s other major accomplishments include:

  • Founder, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting (1997-Present)
  • Founder, various other entities (2002-Present)
    • Managed search engine optimization for education-online-search.com (EOS), a site that generated more than 500 leads per day.
    • Sold EOS and related sites in February of 2006.
    • Responsible for search engine optimization for City Town Info (CTI), a site with information on more than 20,000 cities and towns across the US.
    • Sold CTI in May of 2010.
    • Responsible for SEO for Braintrack, a comprehensive global directory of colleges and universities.
    • Sold Braintrack in June of 2012.
  • 10 years at Phoenix Technologies (1986-1997)
    • Ran worldwide engineering from 1987 to 1991
    • Company IPO in 1988
    • Personally responsible for bringing AOL into the OEM market
    • Bootstrap Launched a software group in 1993 to $10M in sales at a 20% profit before tax in 1995
  • Personal
    • 1982 Graduated Class Marshall (Valedictorian) Northeastern University
    • 1984 World Foosball Champion (Goalie War)
    • 1985 National Foosball Champion (Goalie War)
    • Have run the Boston Marathon 3 times (1997, 1998, 2001)
    • Father of 3 college students!

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