A New Mexico RV Trip to Visit Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Picture Taken in the Bitter Lakes National Wildlife Refuge near Roswell, NMA trip to New Mexico’s fabulous Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge provides a look into the wildlife in this desert and grassland region. If you wish to get away from it all and view 357 species of birds or catch glimpses of 59 different animal species, this is the place to do it. A unique vacation this will be – with the opportunity to see dragonflies and damselflies that you never imagined existed.

An RV trip, of course, is the ideal way to travel to these parts. There will be no searching for hotels or motels, trying to find eateries that serve the kind of food you like. This is RV country, and you will find plenty of camping facilities. Town and Country RV Park is a great place to stay, only a few miles from Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

This refuge exists on the crossroads of the Chihuahuan Desert and the prairie grasses. The river provides the wetlands that are so inviting to birds and animals. Winter temperatures are cool here, so now is the perfect time to visit. Besides the fauna, the flora is attractive, with prickly pears and Mormon Tea and tarbrush dotting the desert floor. You may spot a Mexican gray wolf in your travels.

Part of the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge is the amazing Salt Creek Wilderness, with its wide array of wildlife. See and marvel at the sand dunes, native grasslands and all the native inhabitants. Perhaps you will catch sight of cottontail rabbits, jackrabbits or quail. The wonders never cease. Bobcats make this their home but are more secretive than other animals.

Visitors want to see it all and the best way to do so is to take one of the endangered species tours. These operate from the 6th of October through May on the first Saturday of every month. This is exactly what you want to do if you want an unusual view of the more than seventy natural sinkholes of all shapes and sizes. Here is where many fish and amphibians live and where other animals come to water.

Bitter Lake is the place to get in some fishing. You will hook some northern pike and there are plenty of opportunities to catch other native fish. These marshlands also attract a wide variety of birds so you can also fit in some bird watching. Drive the Wildlife Drive which is an eight-mile loop that provides wonderful views of snow geese, Lesser sandhill cranes and red-tail hawks. You can also bike this gravel drive if you prefer.

Hiking is wonderful at this refuge. Try the Butterfly Trail for a lot of information about butterflies that are attracted to the vegetation here. Dragonfly Trail is another favorite, particularly when you wish to see diverse populations of dragonflies.

Before you end off your vacation, stay a day or two in Roswell, New Mexico. There are many things to see here, such as the Roswell Museum and Art Center and the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art. It is the perfect way to end a most enjoyable RV vacation.

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